Big Ben at Coffee Talks

“If you must leave a distinct and a long lasting taste of truth on the tongues of people, you must apply the full use of thorough, visible, but moderate evidence, the type that can neither be denied by the most observant eye, nor doubted by the most prolific skeptic.

“Wisdom is an asset which magnifies the effect of that to which it is added, either positively or negatively. It is the secret of the powerful, the mystery of the successful, and the principal solution and prevention to many a trouble of life.

“I’ve sat and dined with Wisdom for the most part of my life. And that’s why I’m called Big Ben. Here’s what I’ll say about Wisdom: believe me brother when I say that the biddings of Wisdom are sometimes strange. Wisdom may demand of you to lose the battle in order to win the war. It’s whirlwind may sometimes blow you into death’s darkest valleys, demanding that you eat at the table prepared for you in the presence of your haters. The voice of Wisdom is almost always at odds with the voice of Emotions. And the ability to know which to obey at every given time is Maturity.

“Wisdom is that unique rarity which separates men from boys, children from adults, the rich from the poor, the knowledgeable from the ignorant, the powerful from the slave, the leader from the follower, the smart from the stupid. It is an asset so priceless it stands only next to God! While a man’s purpose may be the salt or the sugar of his life, Wisdom is, like the measuring spoon.

“It is one thing to know what your friends and foes want from you; it is another to put under your control the power to grant or deny such cravings. But greater still, Wisdom demands that you detect such cravings of friends and foes quicker than anyone else and decide on whether or not to grant it!

“Wisdom is shrewd in its diplomacy with the powerful; prophetic in its trade with the religiously mesmerized; calculated in its dealings with the stupid, the gullible, the childish, and the emotional. It knows when to be quiet and when to shout from the mountain top; when to say an affirmative Yes and when to say a stubborn No; when to be emotional and when to be rational. It neither grows old nor stale in its relevance. Speed is the proof of its presence; Truth, the heart and reason for its actions; Order is it’s first born; Influence, it’s unique aroma; and Experience its purple garment.

“You call me obsessed if you must. But this I know, that until all I do, all I say, and all I think about pass both the acid and the litmus tests of Wisdom, I always do not consider myself to have done the right thing.

“I’m proud of nothing but that of which Wisdom approves; sworn to nothing but that for which Wisdom vouches; herald nothing but that which Wisdom confirms; praise nothing but that which is born of Wisdom. I’ll gladly live and die for nothing but that which Wisdom assures. And if it ain’t built on the foundation of Wisdom, I know it ain’t gonna stand the test of time. Count me out!”

– Big Ben –

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