The Golden Rule


When with earth’s most slimy impunity

And heaven’s most putrefying disgust

My deified honour and most worshipped right

Was by some unknown distant brotherman

Doormat trodden in most sarcastic spite,

I, my fists rock clencht’, vowed on swift revenge – 

My fickle heart in me a-burning fumed

Like smouldering fires in bitterest scotch.

Resolved was I, sped by infernal quest

To my bruised childlike innocence defend

Intently with my last and dying breath

‘Gainst my offender once my brotherman.

But so it was, as I my revenge framed

With an open Bible in my hand spread

Seeking this to right by my religion,

To Luke’s gospel, I raced, the sixth Chapter –

My roving eyes the golden rule scouting –

Till on that one most famed thirty-first verse

I my gaze fixed, keenly it’s content read

The sacred words of Christ wisely spoken.

It’s two millennia flicker undying

By which those who heard same in his time quaked

Came echoing through Time’s bleak horizons

Headlong, ‘gainst my theology rending:

“And as ye would that men SHOULD do to you,

Do ye also even to them likewise”,

At which the scale which once my conscience deemed

By which I to an evil Shylock morphed

Like cracks of molten candle wax dried hard

Fell off my eyes, my empathy revived.

Then understood I what the Son of God

By this averment celestial had meant:

What I would that my stranger brotherman

SHOULD do to me, of which he never did

(Through deeds committed or deeds omitted)

By which I in the right, offended stand,

This I to him must do in recompense,

That I may with Good overcome Evil.

“For what reward have ye” said the Messiah

“If ye love only they who ne’er thee wronged?

“For by such deed do braggart publicans

“Their carnal, pious religion define.

“But thou, except thy righteousness exceed

“That of these men which, like split-tongued adders

“Do render good for good and brute for brute

“Measure for measure as ’twas to them shown

“Thou, heaven’s pearly gates shall ne’er behold”.

Anew understood I the golden rule

As I from my bended knees rose that day,

(My Bible closed, my hands in pray’r now clencht’,

My heart in heav’n’s serenity immersed)

For grace to forgive I in prayer pled

Seventy times seven my brotherman

As the Divine my endless wrong forgives.

5 thoughts on “The Golden Rule”

  1. I have been reading Luke today… I noticed you liked the Christian Journal post I made awhile back … would love for you to check out our page on Facebook and consider submitting a poem… would love for you to partner with us … submission guidelines are at the top:)… Blessings, Kae


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