Throw Her Down!

To that but one beloved in me

Which from me heaven wrests,

The herald echoes back swiftly:

“Make haste, and throw her down!”


In her glory days when the full strength of the sun’s fiery brightness lighted on her golden Sceptre of political power, she had subdued an entire nation captive to terror’s whims by wielding round its bony necks of intense famine the wicked clutches of her brute iron fists. Her nature was hatred for anything holy, her staff was idolatry mingled with immoral pervasion, and her rod was death. And all who feared this self proclaimed prophetess was considered wise.

Her name was Jezebel!

A Phoenician by ancestry, devout in utmost allegiance to the Baals, Jezebel remains the only silent robber of destiny from hell’s dreaded labyrinth which hand-makes its seductive linen by interweaving the holy fabrics of divine prophecy with the unholy fabrics of satanic witchcraft so neatly it would only take He with eyes like unto a flame of fire to detect its malign workings.

Throughout my Christian pilgrimage, I’ve learnt by the seven-ended whip of consequence to quickly detect Jezebel’s conniving debauchery, unholy scheming, and infernal path each time I’ve been brutally truthful with myself in providing sincere and honest answers to the following hard, yet thought-provoking questions with utmost sobriety of heart and penitence of spirit:

1. Is there still left but one soul on earth to whom I listen and obey even when their suggestion, their counsel, or their bidding, is, though loving, yet clearly and unequivocally against Scripture principles?

2. Do I consciously or subconsciously equate my pastor’s instructions, directives, counsel, or teachings with that of God simply because I believe he is a “man of God”, and that his instructions – prompted by the “Holy Ghost” – always bring the desired or expected results?

3. Do I feel the same way and react the very same way when God’s Name is blasphemed as I do when my father’s name, my pastor, my Church, my wife, my mother, my siblings, my child, or any other loved one so dear to my heart is assaulted or insulted?

4. Is there but one thing left in the earth which I dread greater than the anger of God and its eternal consequences?

I’m sure you get the picture!

Jezebel is that spirit, that attitude, that addiction, that character, that weight, that besetting sin, or anything whatsoever within me contending expressly or implicitly with God’s inner work of holiness. It is that which took from Saul the kingdom; that which robbed from Moses the promised land; that which made Samson be-spelled by Delilah’s seductive succour; that which compelled Lot’s wife to look behind her; and that for which Demas forsook Paul. It is that cryptic feeling I thought I had crucified which shows up against me only in my hour of temptation; that unholy desire within, the embers of which I habitually fan, and that thing which reduces my greatest hope for celestial eternity to nothing but a game of proxy.

The truth is, that you cannot have it both ways. Search the Scriptures: Jezebel never dies a natural death! You either takes its life, or, it takes your life!

Interestingly, even Elijah’s fiery anointing don’t square up to Jezebel’s unholy rampage.


Because, once set on course for utter destruction like an angry bull raging for the kill, Jezebel is not one who would so much as flinch at the fickle sight of signs, or wonders, or celestial fires, or ardent fasting, or heaven’s rain, or the massacre of her choice prophets, or intense prayer with the head painfully bowed between the knees! Elijah learnt this rather strange and surprising fact about Jezebel the hard way when he fled, unable to stop her ferocious thirst for her favourite drink – holy blood!

And, don’t we sometimes find ourselves in this very unfortunate position when, unable to curb our secret allurements for Satan’s sumptuous dainties by daily fasting and fervent prayer, we suddenly raise our hands in shameless surrender and utter defeat, thundering back at heaven such words which still rattles every deep thinking mind even to this day: “now, O LORD, take away my life; for I am not better than my fathers”!

It is my candid belief that the only cure for Jezebel’s inner workings was uttered, not by Elijah, but by Jehu – a not so spiritual man – when he shouted those three cold and daring words which still echoes in our day and time as a perfect match for Jezebel’s ravenous madness: “throw her down!”

And how do we do this?

Well, you may want to hear in the version that appeals the most to me the very words of Jesus to the Church in Thyatira at Revelation 2:20:

“But, your constant spiritual improvements so far is nothing but absolute rubbish to Me because, every single time you allowed and permitted that self acclaimed prophetess called Jezebel to get away with constantly teaching my messengers to see nothing peculiarly and particularly wrong in such evil practices as sexual promiscuity, sexual pervasions, and making a truce with Hell by eating from the devil’s dish, you simply proved yourself too weak to stand up against the truth about her!”

The truth is, that there ain’t nothing as painful as going to Hell for a sin, a habit, an attitude, a character, or a feeling for which Jesus died!

And if you ask me, I’ll gladly give up my right hand or my right eye, stay in the worst of prison cells, live yet another five minutes on earth’s filthiest dumps, endure the grimmest pain of every possible earthly torment ever imagined by man, opt, if I can, never to be born, or do all I can amidst the severest and harshest of mortal conditions…just to avoid hell’s eternal labyrinths.

Bible scholars suggest to us that the woman spoken about at Revelation 2:20 was a real person. However, for us whose weapons of warfare are not carnal, the principle for dealing with the inner workings of Jezebel has not changed from what it used to be, namely: casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself above the knowledge of God!

As Christians in the 21st Century with heaven as our final goal, we may never truly gain the victory over that which wrests from us our eternal abode with God until we’re ready to break unprofitable ties if we must, flee from all appearances of evil with as much vehemency in public as in private, crucify our egos on a cross from which it can never come down, wrestle all night with our angel of destiny until our spiritual name and identity is changed, be ready and willing to part with our right hand or right eye for heaven’s sake if need be, swear to our hurt and change not on matters of holiness, or purity and morality if need be.

I cannot agree more with the words of Paul whose undying love for God and relentless passion for moral and spiritual improvement drove him to write those words which still echoes the depth of intense Christian commitment to this day:

“I die daily”

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