Big Ben at Coffee Talks

One way to quickly discern a wise man is, by the way he numbers his words.

I’ve come to a point in life where I’ve learnt by the things I’ve seen and heard over the years, that those who try to impress others in anyway whatsoever are sometimes victims of either inferiority complex, or insecurity. And while I cannot condemn those who are victims of inferiority or insecurity – as we all have been victims of this in some way or another – I’m always quick to condemn any deliberate unwillingness by such persons to make full use of available and affordable solutions especially when they clearly know they have this problem.

I’ll say this from my heart and that, without restraint: many of us walk through life with fresh and bleeding injuries on our hearts – especially those inflicted on us by dear friends and families alike – and we, in a bid to mask this understandably difficult but common problem resort to unproductive means, one of which is unrestrained words.

I’m of the opinion that there’s only one way to handle any problem: deal with it like it is! Work hard on your inferiority issues all you can. But please, do not mask it! Masking your inferiority or insecurity by talking too much is as unproductive and as childish as it sounds!

The truth is, that there’s more to be said by silence and productive action than by mere words.

On the authority of repeated experiences, I’ll say this: show me a man who has something to say about everything, and I’ll show you an ignoramus.



If you’re so sure of something, words will be of no essence.

You’ll delve right into action!

I’ll rather convince people more by my actions than by my words. I’ll rather be amongst those who under promise but over deliver. People always have greater respect and trust for those who speak more by their actions than by their words. This is a fact of life.

If you ask me, I’ll tell you this: say what is important when needed. Boys are usually masters at oratory. But men are masters at taking constructive action. If you must convince people by polished oratory, by all means do so. But know that their unwavering trust cannot be earned but by your action! Remember, in the multitude of words sin often creeps in; but whosever restrains his lips is wise.

4 thoughts on “Big Ben at Coffee Talks”

  1. I learned that few well placed words were better than a lecture by my Father. Thanks for this post. Actions do, indeed, speak louder than words. And, I loved the cup and poem … power packed! Thanks too for stopping by The Ruminant Scribe. I appreciate your taking the time to visit and I pray that you found encouragement for the walk ahead.


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