Confessions of a Religious Man


I’m born again” or so I thought

From day to day this grim lie bought;

Was faithful at my local Church

My passion, my friends could avouch

I’m water-dunked” – my boastful claim!

I’m heaven bound” – my delusion

Ignorant was I all these years

What need I for the sinner’s pray’r?

Sped with this belief, so I’ll say

The Christian form I lived each day.

Yet my sins I could not deny

A slave to Death and Hell was I.

Hunted by Eternity’s quest

One noon, weighing upon my breast

My sweet grandmother’s dying pray’r

For me, as she had long desired

Came thundering in my heart again:

“Grandchild, you must be born again”.

(In vain I tried, how can this be?

To mute such daunting words from me

In vain! In vain! I tried in vain

To cast from me this ceaseless pain),


before the Messiah, my fears

At last like some plebeian in tears

Laid I; the sinner’s prayer said

And once, for divine mercy pled:

Be merciful to me …

O Lord!

I am a …

sinful man!

I spoke not many words that noon

As I prayed, I know not how soon,

But this I know, God answers pray’r

The power of Sin’s plague was broken

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